36 Weeks Pregnant with #1After spending my first nine years as an Army brat, my parents chose to return home to Maine where I fell in love with cold weather, mountains, skiing and the ocean. My husband dragged me to New Hampshire in 2006. A dog, house and two kids later, we have enjoyed carving out our own little life here.

I’m trying to be the best mom I can be. Sometimes are easier than others but that’s what this parenting thing is about. Breathing and patience are key!

I started this blog for myself. I realized I needed a place to log our daily going-ons as well as a place to keep track of recipes and crafts I come across. I’m sure that occasionally I’ll use it to vent frustrations… but what parent doesn’t get frustrated from time to time?? I want to document our real life… not my imagined perfect life. It won’t always be pretty but it will always be full of love.

Feel free to join us on our adventures if you want. Our kids are fairly adorable and hilarious. (Doesn’t everyone think that about their own children?)


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